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10 minutes with Courtney Mayhew – Tech-guru of ‘Update’

Following our excitement about ‘Update’ premiering this week, we caught up with our resident sound-tech, lighting designer and stage manager, Courtney Mayhew, to chat about all the shenanigans that go on back stage!

Entering the gruelling and infamous “tech-week” (most thespians would understand this as the hardest week of your life), Courtney Mayhew has been a beacon of light for the Mira Ball Productions team.  Managing all things that happen on and off stage, she’s gearing up to plot ‘Update’ as it makes its way down to the Arts Centre at the Gold Coast.

We thrust Courtney into the spotlight to hear her her run-down on all the gossip happening behind the scenes.  Check out her answers to our questions below and don’t forget to book your tickets!

Q:  What do you love most about the play ‘Update’?

I love how relatable the play is! You can laugh and joke around because we have all had similar moments where we’ve ‘been there’ in some way.

Q:  How can audiences relate to the main character Becky?

They can definitely relate to her thought process.  Whether it be keeping up with the trends or the getting ready for a date, the things she mentions are ideas we have all thought at least once in our lifetime.  I can see so much of people I know and even myself in this one character!

Q:  What’s your favourite thing about your involvement with ‘Update’?

Being able to work on a project with my best friend and the dialogue throughout the show.  I constantly find myself laughing during rehearsals as the show is so funny.  It’s great to see a play come together from start to finish!  That’s the most rewarding part.

Q:  Is this a tech heavy production?

I wouldn’t say it’s a tech heavy show.  But even with ‘simple’ shows (in regard to tech), they can have more going on than an audience realises.

Q:  What was it like creating the sound and lighting scheme for this show?

Creating the lighting and sound for any show is always a unique experience.  I don’t get to do it very often so it’s nice to bring out my creativity every now and again.  Elodie and I collaborated a lot with ideas.  As the show is only ten minutes, we can’t do too much with the sound and lights – however we have a few tricks up our sleeves, that you’ll just have to come and see.

Q:  Are you excited about working at the Arts Centre, Gold Coast?  What are you looking forward to the most?

Yeah, I am!  I always look forward to being able to work in a new venue that I haven’t been at before.  It always makes things a little trickier as you have to adjust to your surroundings.  Luckily, I’ve had experience working on productions for the Southeast Queensland Drama Circuit.  During those festivals, you’re constantly adjusting to small and large stages, with different lighting rigs and sound capabilities.  It should be no different to Short+Sweet.  The beauty about ‘Update’ is that it can be packaged and performed anywhere as it doesn’t take up too much stage space.

Q:  What happens backstage?  Go on – fill us in the gossip!

Many things happen backstage – lots of people running around like crazy to make things look so calm and collected onstage.  I can’t tell you all the gossip that goes on behind the scenes – that’s the magic of theatre!

Q:  Why should audience members come and see the show?

People should come and see ‘Update’ as it’s a good laugh and a nice way to relax, without having to get too fancy to go out.  It’s guaranteed entertainment!

Q:  What do you think audiences will love most about the performance?

The set is a toilet!  Enough said!!

Q:  Online dating – is it a good thing or a bad thing?

In today’s society, online dating isn’t a bad thing.  It’s more socially acceptable and a great way for introverts or shy people to put themselves out there, without the pressure.  It’s how generations of today meet each other and make connections.  I guess online dating allows you to be a lot braver as you’re behind a mobile phone.  There’s nothing bad about giving love a chance.

Q:  What’s been your best dating experience?

When I’ve either said something stupid or made a fool of myself, but my date and I were able to joke around.  Having a laugh takes the pressure off the situation and is the best ice breaker.

Q:  Any tips for singles out there looking to mingle?

Be yourself!  No point in trying to hide who you are!

Update’ competes at Short+Sweet this week, for four shows only – Thursday 17 August @ 7:00pm, Friday 18 August @ 7:00pm and Saturday 19 August 1:30pm & 7:00pm.  Held at the Arts Centre Gold Coast, tickets are $30.00 for adults and $25.00 for seniors/pensioners.  Book your tickets here or alternatively, find more event information on our Facebook page!