Mira Ball Productions

Paving the way for Publicity

Having experience in the publicity realms of the theatrical world, Mira Ball Productions worked with Beenleigh Theatre Group to deliver a successful marketing campaign for its latest production.

With a love for creative arts and community theatre, Mira Ball Productions was pleased to jump on board and assist the publicity and marketing endeavours of Beenleigh Theatre Group.

Showcasing their next production ‘COSI’, Mira Ball Productions single-handledly organised interviews in a range of print and online marketing endeavours.  Targeting new markets, Mira Ball Productions expanded the company’s social and marketing reach into new audiences.

‘COSI’ is a play that challenges societal norms and stereotypes.  Written by Louis Nowra and first performed in 1992, this play is one of Australian theatre’s best when it comes to defining madness and identity.

Furthermore, Mira Ball Productions also organised an event and charitable favours for the organisation beyondblue.  As the themes within ‘COSI’ are closely related to the endeavours of beyondblue, it felt only apt to give back to the community that surrounds the theatre.  With Mira Ball Productions assistance, Beenleigh Theatre Group raised approximately $700.00 in donations for this cause.

With an extremely limited marketing budget, Mira Ball Productions utilised its contacts to help the theatre sell tickets (for it’s 9-show season) at more than 60% capacity full, for each show.

By accessing new marketing channels and assisting with new leads, Mira Ball Productions achieved a great result.  In fact, it was “the best result for a play at Beenleigh Theatre Group for many years” (as quoted directly from the Front of House team).

If you’d like to talk to Mira Ball Productions about your theatres marketing and publicity campaigns, please visit our Publicity page.