Mira Ball Productions

Best Plays at Beenleigh Theatre Festival!

Mira Ball Productions has placed first in both its categories at the Beenleigh Theatre Group One Act Play Festival. Competing against a wide range of talent across Southeast Queensland, both our shows Update and The Descent achieved an amazing result!

Returning to the stage, Update was our first play to perform (on the Friday evening), as part of the Ten Minute Play section. A new competition for Beenleigh Theatre Group, 2018 is the first year short scripts have been judged in their own category. Update responded to the opportunity and we were so lucky to be involved in this section.  Starring Lauren Conway as our infamous Becky, the audience were in fits of laughter and thoroughly enjoyed our Update production.  Only two awards were up for grabs within the 10 Minute Categories – Best New Play and Best Actor.  With 7 shows across the board, competition was fierce as everyone rose to the challenge.  Mira Ball Productions and Update, however, placed first with Best Play.

Following this success, The Descent premiered the following evening, as part of the Open Play section.  The cast – starring Sophie Price, Matthew Bapty, Elodie Boal and Gary Farmer-Trickett – were incredibly excited to perform the show in front of an audience for the first time. The script follows the tale of Jack and Jill, and although it contains adult themes and violence, the audiences response was overwhelming.  Described as of a ‘professional standard’ and ‘absolutely phenomenal’, people related to the characters and Mira Ball Productions was over the moon with this great feedback.

At the awards ceremony, The Descent achieved Best Play and Best Director in the Open Section.  The Descent also won Overall Best Female Actor of the festival and Update achieved Overall Best Original Work of the festival.  Congratulations to our cast, creatives and crew who were all involved with the shows. We couldn’t be more proud.

Mira Ball Productions - The Descent

The Descent Team (L to R): Elodie Boal, Matthew Bapty and Sophie Price

Mira Ball Productions - Update

The Update Team (L to R): Elodie Boal and Lauren Conway

Both shows will head to Ipswich Little Theatre and the Incinerator Theatre next weekend.  For show information, please visit our Upcoming Shows Page.

A full list of all the awards is available below:

Ten Minute Section – 

  • Best Play – Update, Mira Ball Productions
  • Best Actor – William Boyd, Beenleigh Theatre Group

Youth Section – 

  • Adjudicators Award – Alice Simpson, ROAR Academy
  • Adjudicators Award – Mackenzi Goodwin, ROAR Academy
  • Adjudicators Award – Chris Collins, Drama Works
  • Best Supporting Actor Female – Charlotte Rubendra, ROAR Academy
  • Best Supporting Actor Male – Matthew Hick, Drama Works
  • Best Actor Female – Tiarne Ande, Focus on Stage
  • Best Actor Male – Harley Quinn, Beenleigh Theatre Group JETS
  • Best Director – Emma Reynolds, Brisbane Arts Theatre
  • 3rd Best Play – Phantasmal, Focus on Stage
  • 2nd Best Play – The 8 Ways Pokemon Go is Destroying Your Life, Brisbane Arts Theatre
  • Best Play – The 15th Floor, Drama Works

Open Section – 

  • Adjudicators Award – Ian Stevenson, Colin Foot Theatrical for On The Line
  • Adjudicators Award – Claire Argente, Brisbane Arts Theatre for Complete Unknowns
  • Adjudicators Award – Mark Lucas, Excalibur Theatre for Iconoclast
  • Best Supporting Actor Female – Shernille Artch, Drama Works
  • Best Supporting Actor Male – Jesse Cowling, Brisbane Arts Theatre
  • Best Actor Female in a Dramatic Role – Brooke Masters, Excalibur Theatre
  • Best Actor Male in a Dramatic Role – Cody Muller, Downstage Theatre
  • Best Actor Female in a Comedic Role – Sarah Britton, Brisbane Arts Theatre
  • Best Actor Male in a Comedic Role – Alex Lanham, Brisbane Arts Theatre
  • Best Director – Elodie Boal, Mira Ball Productions
  • 3rd Best Play – Iconoclast, Excalibur Theatre
  • 2nd Best Play – Max and Elsa, Brisbane Arts Theatre
  • Best Play (Mayor’s Shield) – The Descent, Mira Ball Productions

Overall Festival Awards: 

  • Best Backstage Conduct – Courtney Murrin
  • Doyenne Award – Jean Bowra, Redcliffe Musical Theatre
  • Moment of Truth – Fugue, ROAR Academy
  • Best Australian Play of the Festival – The Human Condition, Wallflower Theatre
  • Best Design of the Festival – The Trolleys, Chisholm Catholic College
  • The Best Original Work Shield – Update, Elodie Boal
  • The Gregory’s Shield (for a Promising Performer under 18) – Maya Lawton, Brisbane Arts Theatre
  • Best Female Actor of the Festival – Elodie Boal, Mira Ball Productions
  • Best Male Actor of the Festival – Reagan Warner, ROAR Academy
  • Best Director of the Festival – Madeleine Johns, ROAR Academy