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Ecstatic team to present exciting play.

Described as a “must-see production”, popular play X-STACY is returning to the stage for a limited Brisbane season. A script inspired by verbatim stories, the work explores the struggles of adolescence, the challenges of life and the need for love and family.

Written by Queensland playwright, Margery Forde, the play was first performed at La Boite Theatre Company over 20-years-ago and still holds as much relevance today, if not more. 

Produced by local creatives, Elodie Boal (Mira Ball Productions) and Trent Sellars, the rendition will pay homage to the 90s era, while expanding on its universal truth. As Co-Producer, Director and Actor, Boal described the work as something that connects to many on a deeper level. 

“There is still so much to take away from a play like X-STACY, and crowds of all ages have something to learn from it,” Boal said. 

“Past renditions have really emphasised the parallels between religion and the rave scene, so we hope to explore this in even more depth with new and available technologies.”

X-Stacy - Mira Ball Productions

The Cast of X-STACY. From Left to Right: Arun Clark as Fergus, Trent Sellars as Paul, Elodie Boal as Zoe, Connor Hawkins as Ben, Alison Telfer-McDonald as Anne, Ruby Sanders as Stacy, and Ebony Hamacek as Jenna.

First commissioned by La Boite Theatre Company in the late 90s, Forde wrote the play while exploring Australian rave scene. Throughout her work, she draws parallels to the ecstasy found in both faith and music, while also referencing the drug that wreaks havoc to this day. X-STACY is a story of loss, adventure and awakening, with timeless messages impacting audiences to this very day.

X-STACY employs a cast of emerging Brisbane artists, including Connor Hawkins, Alison Telfer-McDonald, Ruby Sanders, Arun Clarke, Ebony Hamacek, Elodie Boal and Trent Sellars. The team have enjoyed the unique opportunity to learn from the author directly, in a series of workshops regarding the real stories that inspired the text.  Boal recounted the experiences had with Margery Forde, and her husband Michael, and said it was an unforgettable moment. 

“To be able to bring the work of Queensland authors to life on the local stage is a great privilege, and we have been so blessed to have the ongoing mentorship of Margery Forde throughout production,” said Boal.

“Margery was so proud of the show. We’ve worked really hard and we’re trying to bring her messages to new audiences.”

X-STACY will be presented in the newly established Seven Hills Hub – performing in October at the Ron Hurley Theatre. With a short run of just five performances, tickets are likely to disappear fast. However, schools and theatre groups are urged to contact the production team in relation to an upcoming tour in 2020. Special ticketing options and educational resources are available. 

For more information about the show, or to purchase tickets, visit: www.x-stacy.com  

X-Stacy - Mira Ball Productions

X-STACY includes some powerful and confronting themes regarding grief, family, religion and music. Pictured – Trent Sellars as Paul, and Alison Telfer-McDonald as Anne.