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Introducing ‘Update’…

The social networking world can be intimidating.  Instead of ye’ old love letter sent via carrier pigeon, we’re constantly having to update our statuses across numerous social media accounts.

For a girl in the dating world, it can get incredibly exhausting – especially when you’re trying to impress the love of your life across ten different platforms.

How do we swipe right to decipher between the Prince Charming’s and Jokers of this world?  Wouldn’t dating be easier if you could just marry pizza?

Mira Ball Productions is proud to present (and premiere) its latest stage play, ‘Update’, written by multi-award winning, Elodie Boal.

Drawing inspiration from the nerve-racking quest to find true love, Boal has reflected on her own dating experiences in this one-woman show that decodes the perils of trying to meet your match on Tinder.

Exploring the realms of online dating, ‘Update’ is your modern day love story with a technological twist.  Not only does this show tell the story of Becky – a socialite who loves pizza and is desperate for love – but it’s extremely relatable to audiences of today and anyone who owns an iPhone.

“Update is fun, quirky, relevant, tech-savvy and there’s something for everyone in this show,” Boal said.

“Everyone knows how hard it can be to find love.  Multiply that with the battles of your own personal appearance across social media and you have an equation for trouble.  How does someone find their ‘happily ever after’ when everything we post online is constantly judged?”

Fresh off his very successful run of ‘COSI’ at Beenleigh Theatre Group, ‘Update’ is directed by the multi-talented Timothy Wynn, of THAT Production Company.  ‘Update’ also stars award-winning actress and Gold Coast local, Jermia Turner, who knows all too well the perks of online dating, having worked alongside dating coach and Youtube star Mark Rosenfeld.

“The show has undercurrents of love, passion, introspection and so much more.  It’s also hilarious,” Turner said.

“It’s cleverly written and directed, and it’s laugh out loud funny.  What I love most about the play is it’s just so real.”

In the middle of doing your makeup for an important date and you get interrupted?  About to go to a family dinner and a guy your courting sends you a nude?  Waiting to hear back from your crush, only to get a text message from Domino’s?  ‘Update’ explores it all for you.  This play is keen to give you the low down on all the trends and advice to stay savvy in this tech-heavy world.

“Audiences have really responded to the humour in this show, as the scenarios played out in the script are extremely relatable,” Boal said.

“Everyone owns a phone, everyone wants the best ‘selfie’, everyone knows what Tinder is, and everyone wants the dream love story.  There’s a lot for the women in this production and even some very comedic moments the men will enjoy too.”

‘Update’ performs as a 10-minute play in the Short+Sweet Festival at The Arts Centre Gold Coast, 17-19 August 2017. Visit our Upcoming Shows page for more information and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to make sure stay updated with all the latest news.

Introducing ‘Update’