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Return to Wonderland…

You’re cordially invited to the maddest tea party of the year…

Enter the darkest parts of your imagination and join Alice as she returns to Wonderland again in this new Australian work by local playwright, Elodie Boal.

Winner of over 40 awards across the 2015 Southeast Queensland Drama Festival Circuit, including Best New Australian Script, ‘Wondered’ is excited to be returning to the stage for six performances only.  As part of the Anywhere Festival and hosted by The Sideshow in Brisbane’s West End, this event is guaranteed to deliver the same amount of madness it achieved on its last tour.

Inspired by the original tale of ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll, ‘Wondered’ is a reimagining of this beloved and classic story. Interrogating conventional fairy-tales and retelling events from the “Mad” Hatter’s perspective, this contemporary one-act play promises a night of fun, twists and most importantly, tea.

Revealing the true story of what really happened in Wonderland, ‘Wondered’ features an award-winning cast who theatrically embody famous characters including the Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Tweedledee, Tweedledum and Alice.  “Each role has been written with a fresh take to build a compelling depth into Lewis Carroll’s classic characters” (Ash Hopping, The Creative Issue).

But be forewarned, everything is not as it seems. Contrasting the original storyline, ‘Wondered’ has been described as “the perfect conclusion to a classic tale” and something that would have “made Lewis Carroll proud” (Eric Scott, Absolute Theatre). 

Creator, Director and Actor, Elodie Boal, says ‘Wondered’ will have audiences guessing until the last minute. When adapting the story for the stage she wanted to create a new Wonderland that had been abandoned and void of its happy memories

“All elements in this production have been reinvented – from the characters to the setting, to the puns,” Elodie said.

“It’s Wonderland for adults.  It’s Edgar Allan Poe meets Lewis Carroll.  It’s really not what you’ll be expecting.”

‘Wondered’ was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s tale ‘The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether’. This dark comedy by the infamous playwright centres around patients in a mental asylum.  Having been involved in a production at Nash Theatre that highlighted Poe’s stories, Boal conceived the idea after the uncanny similarities between Poe’s dinner feast and Carroll’s tea party.

‘Wondered’ performs with its original award-winning cast between 10-17 May 2019 at The Sideshow. Make sure you grab your tickets before seats at this tea party sell out.

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