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‘Wondered’ wonders audiences.

The reviews are in and the comments don’t lie.  ‘Wondered’ has successfully left its mark on the Brisbane creative scene, with audience-goers reeling from the darkness of a new Wonderland.

As overheard from one theatre goer at the end of the evening “That was brilliant! I loved it… But it was totally creepy, right?” Right.” (Luisa Ryan, Scenestr)

Described as “flesh crawling” and a “well written and imaginative” tale, ‘Wondered’ took to the Brisbane Arts Theatre stage for a 45 minute conclusion to the final tale of ‘The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland’.

Accompanied by its very own tea party, complete with a drag-Queen of Hearts and an enthralling piece of new theatre by Jake Hollingsworth, audience participants didn’t know what was in store as they were transported to the fictional fairy tale land.

“The experience was thoughtfully concocted from the get go; entering the Theatre’s courtyard felt a little like stepping into another land.” (Ashleigh Hopping, The Creative Issue).

The award-winning cast from the Southeast Drama Festival Circuit reprised their roles, with newbie Jonty Martin was riot in the shoes of TweedleDum perfectly.

“Each role was written with a fresh perspective to build a compelling depth into Lewis Carroll’s classic characters… The team behind Wondered should feel immensely proud of their efforts.” (Ashleigh Hopping, The Creative Issue). 

“Elodie Boal’s script is quirky, well written and imaginative, with twists and turns all over the place and filled with dramatic impact. The characters are excellently drawn. It is funny and dark, very much a black comedy.” (Eric Scott, Absolute Theatre). 

Although only performing for two-show season, the play entertained audiences.  Congratulations to the cast and crew for a stellar run of the production.  If the show performs again, you’ll be the first to hear about it here.

“‘Wondered’ has now completed its run at the Brisbane Arts Theatre, but if it happens to be playing again it is worth the visit.” (Luisa Ryan, Scenestr)

“This 45-minute one-acter has won a heap of awards on the festival circuit and, after watching this absorbing play I could see why… And I am sure Charles Dodgson would have loved it!” (Eric Scott, Absolute Theatre). 

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