Mira Ball Productions

“Multi-Award Winning Production” – Wondered

As Mira Ball Productions takes time to reflect on the year gone by, we can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the success of our last production ‘Wondered’.  The one-act play took to the stage mid-June and performed at six locations, winning over 40 awards.

Written by playwright Elodie Boal, Wondered adopts a number of themes, however, one concept that outweighs them all is its conclusion to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, as created by Lewis Carroll.  Described as the perfect finale to the story, audiences related to the familiar fairy-tale and were intrigued by its new twists and dark plots.

“Wondered is an intense insight into Alice’s fourth adventure – Tim Burton would be proud.” – Ron Kelly, Adjudicator

With a cast of five and crew of two, Mira Ball Productions is so proud of its team and the achievements they were awarded throughout the run.    At each festival location, they wore their brightest smiles and represented the company with much professionalism.

New announcements for upcoming shows in 2016 will be made soon, but until then keep watching this space.  Congratulations to all involved.

Did you see Wondered perform in the 2015 Drama Festival Circuit?  If so, we want to know what you thought!  Leave a comment below in the comments section and we’ll be featuring our favourite ones.