Making immersive and reflective theatre



Mira Ball Productions is an independent theatre producer committed to creating immersive and engaging productions that captivate audiences. Founded in 2014 by Elodie Boal, a passionate producer and playwright, Mira Ball Productions has quickly made a name for itself with experimental and immersive shows that push the boundaries of traditional theatre. Mira Ball Productions premiered its first contemporary work, Wondered, in 2014, which toured in 2015, receiving over 40 awards on the Southeast Queensland Theatre Circuit. Today, Mira Ball Productions strives to bring a unique and authentic brand of creativity to audiences across Australia.


With a focus on showcasing local practitioners, Mira Ball Productions is dedicated to fostering emerging talent and providing opportunities for artists to shine. Mira Ball Productions' commitment to creativity and innovation has earned it critical acclaim and a loyal following. From Elodie's own original shows to new and established works from Australian playwrights, Mira Ball Productions' body of work ranges in scope and genre. Regardless of the production, the goal is always the same: to create unforgettable experiences for audiences.


Mira Ball Productions is built on a foundation of creativity, community, development, and entertainment. With a deep commitment to the local arts scene and a passion for theatre, Mira Ball Productions is dedicated to creating inspiring and innovative productions that captivate audiences. Whether you're a theatregoer or simply looking for a unique and entertaining experience, Mira Ball Productions has something for you. We believe that theatre has the power to connect and transform, and we strive to create productions that reflect this belief.